TeamGrid consists of a carefully selected team of talents. We are all united by the way we think about technology. We see the use of software as an experience. With every feature we develop, we think carefully about how we implement it. Only when we can solve a problem and the needs of our customers in a smart way, do we publish it.





For us, entrepreneurship means doing something that creates value. With TeamGrid, we want to create something that makes our customers' lives easier and more successful. As entrepreneurs who develop a product, it is therefore very important for us to listen to our customers and understand the challenges they face. As entrepreneurs, we love to listen, to learn, and to shape this information into a value-providing product. 


We also believe that companies should develop healthily. This means that a company must first learn to run on its own two feet. Today, start-ups are often on "steroids" at birth - they are financed with millions, build products quickly and try to grow as fast as possible. Many start-ups thus build up an incredibly high cash burn at birth and find that the financial resources quickly melt away. If there is no follow-up financing, start-ups often have to be liquidated after just a few years.
We think that great visions not only require financial resources, but also time, flexibility, focus on the product and an unwavering commitment to work on something for a long time - perhaps decades.  
We at TeamGrid have a huge vision and have divided it into dozens of small milestones. We are constantly working to follow our vision. It is important to us that we act independently and have no shareholders in our ranks who would like to make quick money. We are here to run a marathon because we know that great innovation is a combination of ideas, time, attention to detail and commitment.


TeamGrid is a profitable company. All company shares are in the hands of the founders. Every day we make sure that we do not lose ourselves in things that are not decisive for achieving our vision. We therefore make decisions every day that are conducive to our vision - and that sometimes means that financially meaningful decisions must be subordinated to achieving the vision. A way of thinking that is rarely compatible with the interests of investors. That's why we deliberately have no investors.




There's nothing better than working with a talented team. Finding solutions to problems or making things smarter requires creativity as a first step. We believe that every human being, based on his or her life experience, expertise, life circumstances, background and many other factors, can exert his or her own individual influences in product development - because it is often not a course of study that decides whether a problem is solved smartly, but the very individual characteristics of a single, special person. For this reason, we attach great importance to working with the most diverse people in order to view our product and our challenges from the most diverse perspectives.





A wonderful thing about software is that software is able to control how the user feels at a certain time. Whenever the user opens a TeamGrid feature, we ask ourselves what the user intuitively expects. Once we understand this, we wonder how we can make the expected content beautiful, dynamic, and intelligent. The bottom line is that we need to translate the user's expectations into an emotional world through functional design. If the user expects a rational view based on numerical values, our design underlines the feeling of being able to control a large number of facts and numbers. Expectations plus a design that is oriented towards them controls the emotional world of the user. That's exactly why we love to develop software that enriches the lives of its users.

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