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As agency founders, we know the challenges of the agency business. With TeamGrid, we not only want to provide a solution that optimizes project management, but goes much further.
TeamGrid is already a strong solution for task and project management. Our intuitive drag-n-drop time tracking is loved by thousands of people in hundreds of agencies worldwide. But that was just the beginning. Over the next few years, we will continue to build TeamGrid into an ecosystem for the global creative industry.
In the following phase descriptions, you get a lot of information that shows you that TeamGrid is the software platform for the future of your agency business.​


Among the TeamGrid Elements we understand the provision of a software that combines all functions for successful agency management. The goal is to find all the features relevant to your business in a smart, intuitive and beautiful application.
It is also very important to us that all functions are linked together, so that you can always recognize all important connections. Agencies today use different software solutions for different areas, ensuring that key KPIs can not be generated due to different data sources. TeamGrid will optimally support your agency operating system and help you to better manage your agency business.
TeamGrid already offers you a wide range of functions today. TeamGrid Elements has a stand-alone development team that works continuously on new features for TeamGrid.

Phase 1

Surely, as an agency chief, you have also observed that the agency business is becoming more and more decentralized. This means that you are increasingly working with freelancers to realize your projects. For many reasons, this development will continue to intensify over the next few years, meaning that in the future agencies will have even more difficulty in reaching capable employees and keeping their contribution margin at an economically sensible level.
The TeamGrid Network is an essential part of supporting the international agency industry. We are already working with an engineering team to extend the TeamGrid platform to include future-critical features.
In the future, TeamGrid will be more than an agency software. TeamGrid will give you access to certified freelancers and agencies that will allow you to work on your projects in an economically meaningful way.
Also, TeamGrid will support you in resource utilization. If TeamGrid recognizes that you have too few orders, the system will offer you to put your unused resources into our pool. We care about generating revenue from your agency's unused resources.
TeamGrid will support you and your business extensively in the future, so you can focus more on what really matters.​

Phase 2


Software is currently undergoing a massive evolutionary step. Through machine learning and initial success in building neural networks, software is becoming smarter and smarter. This technological progress will also shape the agency landscape.
Your TeamGrid agency software will in the future learn more every day about how your agency works and supports you more and more in your daily business.
At TeamGrid, we see ourselves as the startup that will lead the entry of the latest technology in agencies. Our goal is to develop smarter software that automates other parts of Project & Agency Management so you can focus on what defines the outcome of your work in the future.​

Phase 3


Our Mission

We develop smarter technologies to make companies more efficient worldwide.

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